101 WAYS TO SCORE POINTS WITH A WOMAN |Bărbații sunt de pe Marte, Femeile sunt de pe Venus | Fragment

1. Upon returning home find her first before doing anything else and give her a hug.

2. Ask her specific questions about her day that indicate an awareness of what she was planning to do.

3. Practice listening and asking questions.

4. Resist the temptation to solve her problem, sympathize instead.

5. Give her twenty minutes of unsolicited quality attention (don’t read the newspaper or be distracted by anything else during the time).

6. Bring her cut flowers as a surprise as well as on special occasions.

7. Plan a date several days in advance, rather than waiting for Friday night and asking her what she wants to do.

8. If she generally makes dinner or if it is her turn and she seems tired or really busy, offer to make dinner.

9. Compliment her on how she looks.

10. Validate her feelings when she is upset.

11. Offer to help her when she is tired.

12. Schedule extra time when traveling so that she doesn’t have rush.

13. When you are going to be late, call her and let her know.

14. When she asks for support, say yes or no without making her wrong for asking.

15. Whenever her feeling have been hurt, give her some empathy and tell her „I’m sorry you feel hurt”. Then be silent; let her feel your understanding of her hurt. Don’t offer solutions or explanations why her hurt is not your fault.

16. Whenever you need to pull away, let her know you will be back or that you need some time to think about things.

17. When you’ve cooled off and you come back, talk about what was bothering you in respectul, non blaming way, so she doesn’t imagine the worst.

18. Offer to build a fire in wintertime.

19. When she talks to you, put down the magazine or turn off the TV and give her your full attention.

20. If she usually washes the dishes, occasionally offer to wash the dishes, especially if she is tired that day.

21. Notice when she is upset or tired and ask what she has to do. Then offer to help by doing a few of her „to do” items.

22. When going out, ask if there is anything she wants you to pick up at the store, and remember to pick it up.

23. Let her know when you are panning to take a nap or leave.

24. Give her four hugs a day.

25. Call her from work to ask how she is or to share something exciting or to tell her „I love you”.

26. Tell her „I love you” at least a couple times every day.

27. Make the bed and clean up the bedroom.

28. If she washes your socks, turn your socks right side out so she doesn’t have to.

29. Notice when the trash is full and offer to empthy it.

30. When you are out of town, call to leave a telephone number where you can be reached and to let her know you arrived safely.

31. Wash her car.

32. Wash your car and clean up the interior before a date with her.

33. Put on a cologne if she likes that.

34. Take her side when she is upset.

35. Offer to give her a back or neck or foot massage (or all three).

36. Make a point of cuddling or being affectionate sometimes without being sexual.

37. Be patient when she is sharing. Don’t look at your watch.

38. Don’t flick the remote control to different channels when she is watching TV with you.

39. Display affection in public.

40. When holding hands don’t let your hand go limp.

41. Learn her favourite drinks so you can offer her a choice of the ones that you know she already likes.

42. Suggest different restaurants for going out; don’t put the burden of figuring out where to go on her.

43. Get season tickets for the theater, symphony, opera, ballet, or some other type of performance she likes.

44. Create occasions when you both can dress up.

45. Be understanding when she is late or decides to change her outfit.

Mă voi opri aici. Restul sfaturilor le veți găsi în cartea Bărbații sunt de pe Marte, Femeile sunt de Venus, care poate fi achizionată de aici.


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